Children’s Liturgy & Creche

Children’s Liturgy

Each Sunday within term time (based on Holy Cross School term time) a Childrens liturgy is lead by volunteer parents and parishioners.

This is an important mission within the life of our Parish. It enables our children to learn about the life of Our Lord contained in the New Testament. It also introduces them to the important ways in which we, as Catholics, are to live our lives by following the life and teachings of Jesus and the role which God plays in all our lives.

There are two Childrens Liturgy groups – ages 3-5’s and 6-8’s. A Creche is also provided for under 3’s. See below.

There are always two CRB accredited adults in the room with each group.

Children are encouraged to participate, enjoy and respond to the readings of the day.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer helper then please do contact the parish office.


During term time (based on Holy Cross School dates) there is a Creche provided for under 3’s at the Sunday 09:30 mass. This allows parents to leave their children in a safe environment for the duration of the mass. Parents drop off their child before mass and pick up at the end of mass. All volunteer helpers are CRB accredited.

Of course children are always welcome to stay within the church to celebrate mass with their families however you are asked to take your child to the back of the church behind the glass wall if they are making too much noise and disturbing the prayerful, peaceful environment of the church during the mass. Snacks are allowed in the church however please tidy up after you and of course if you bring toys into the church please ensure they are not of the noisy variety!