How to obtain a ‘Certificate of Catholic Practice’ for a place in a Catholic School

School References – How to obtain a ‘Certificate of Catholic Practice’ from Fr Michael

The purpose of obtaining a reference from any parish priest to support a parental request for a child to gain admission to a Catholic School is to establish regular and genuine Catholic practice; and a commitment to the faith, work and ministry of the parish community. If you are planning on asking Fr Michael for a reference from September, please make sure he knows you, and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. All Certificates of Catholic Practice must be requested by e mail only Parents should indicate what Mass they participate in at the weekend.
2. Fr Michael will require the full name of your child, date of birth and home address with postcode.
3. A photograph of the parents with their child must be submitted by e mail attachment.
4. Parents must indicate how many references they require.

In accordance with the Diocese of Westminster General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) all information and images used by the parish office will be deleted once certificates have been approved and completed.