The Kanyike Project

frontyKanyike Project, Uganda has as its motto, ‘Turning problems into opportunities‘.

The Project was founded in 1986 in an area devastated by the many years of war. Fr. Kakuba Kapia was the driving force behind its vision namely of empowering the rural community to embark on a programme of self-sustaining development.

There is no electricity in the area and water has to be collected from springs.Over the years the community has, with the help of donations from the UK, made progress for its well-being in the following areas: Education, Vocational Training in Carpentry and Leather, Health, Agriculture, Livestock.

There is a women’s club and a youth group. Both engage in income- generating activities with the help of loans given to them by the Project.

The people of Kanyike Project have, over the years, worked hard to improve their standard of living and remain cheerful despite their poverty.

Since 2004 they are coping with HIV/AIDS and 40% of the children are orphaned. This has resulted in many children having insufficient food to eat.

Our parish first met Fr. Kakuba, who is responsible for the Project, in November 1997, and for the past few years has pledged £2,000 a year from parish funds (in addition to what individuals have contributed).

All help given goes directly to the Project, there are no administrative costs.

Further information can be obtained from:

Sr. Joan Yates SCJM Tel. No. 01462 483 628 or The Kanyike Project Website