Prayers for the Lebanon. Our 9am Zoom Mass on Thursday 7th August, The Feast of the Transfiguration, will be said for the people of Beirut after the massive explosion that was called by one Lebanese parishioner living here “the biggest explosion since Hiroshima.” The faith communities stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of all faith traditions as they are suffering so much at this time.

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we must all wear masks



The church as it appears now in order to maintain social distancing.


view from the back of the church with two meter distancing between pews



7/6/2020: Letter from parishioner
Against Racism: What can we do to help?

Hello parish family
Taking some time today to pause and reflect on the events taking place around us and the frustration and anger that has gripped our communities in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. George Floyd’s death is symbolic of a long, dark and deep-rooted history of injustice and systemic racism that has been driving the peaceful protests and the helplessness experienced by the black community in the US. Do I need to be black to understand it? NO. A non-black journalist covering the protests last week expressed his thoughts succinctly, ‘as a non-black person we may not perfectly understand the pain and anger felt by the black community but we have been around a while to know enough and have seen enough to understand these feelings are real and they are all too painfully founded’.

Born and raised in India and having immigrated to America as a young adult, I am grateful for the good memories of my life in the U.S and for the experiences that have significantly shaped a part of who I am today. However, let me not pretend or forget to acknowledge that there has always been and continues today a very real problem of racism in the country. Why is justice, equality, respect bestowed only on a few ? Don’t’ BLACK LIVES MATTER ?

As an Indian-American living in the UK, watching the turmoil unfold over the past few weeks has been painful but what is far more heart wrenching is the sadness and frustration my black friends have been experiencing. Keeping silent in these times is as complicit if not more according to Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous quote “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”. So, I ask myself: What can I do to help? How can I play my part in fighting racism?

I am grateful to be part of a diverse, multi-cultural/multi-racial/multi-ethnic parish community where we respect and support each other. However, we cannot, take this for granted and always need to remember those who experience racism in their day to day lives (at their workplace or in their personal lives doing something as innocuous as bird watching in a park). We can all play our part against racism by doing any of the following:
1. Educate ourselves
2. Raise awareness (speak out, listen),
3. Donate
4. Sign petitions
5. Volunteer
(Please refer to the links published in full in News for further details)

In today’s world we cannot afford to be silent but need to always challenge ourselves by asking what can we do to help? It just not enough to be non-racist but increasingly important to be anti-racist! Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, says it best ‘”My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life,”

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Adoration of the Blessed sacrament

The icon of Christ appears in glory lit by the late evening sun

Bishop, one of our asylum seeker family members, drew this card for us.


George talking to Megumi at the BBQ on Pentecost Sunday


The Blessing of the Statue to St Barbara patron saint of miners and tunellers at Tideway West, Carnwath Road



 Our Lady of Perpetual Help here in Fulham, near the Thames  is  in Stephendale Road in Fulham, SW6. We have had many occasions to thank her for her intercessions to her Son in whose name we live and move and have our being. Here there is a welcome for everyone of goodwill, a place of prayer and beauty.

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