Parish Groups

Our faith community can be nourished by active participation in parish groups that meet for prayer, social action, Sacramental preparation, youth work and the support of others in the life the Church. To share our lives in these ways allows us to offer ourselves and draw strength from each other. Please contact the Parish Office for further information.

Pilipino Community – Meets on the first Sunday of every Month for Mass at 3pm in the church

Ghanaian Association – Meets on the second Sunday of every Month in the hall

Nigerian Friends – Meets on the last Sunday of every Month in the hall

Neocatechumenal Communities – Meets weekly. Please see the Sacramental Preparation page for more details

Prayer & Life Workshops – Is a movement for the new evangelisation. The group meets according to the seasons for instruction on Christian Prayer

Flower arrangers – meet after the Mass on Friday to arrange flowers in the church