Parish Safeguarding Representative

Promoting a culture of Safeguarding
Promoting a culture of safeguarding

Parish Safeguarding Representative

The registered PSR (Parish Safeguarding Representative) for our church is:

Mrs Janeen Nwosu and can be contacted at


  • For more information about Safeguarding in our Parishes and diocesan contact details, visit here.
  • For more information from our diocese, visit here
  • For information from the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, visit here

Caring safely for others

The Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales recently compiled a pastoral “code of conduct” for parish priests, called Caring safely for others. It contains guidelines for priests to encourage and implement throughout the church in our nation. To download and read the visit here

Elliott Report

In October 2019, the Bishops commissioned an independent review of the Catholic Church’s Safeguarding Structures and Arrangements in England and Wales.

Ian Elliott is Independent Chair of the Review. Published on 20 November 2020, the final report and recommendations, therefore, are sometimes referred to as the ‘Elliott Report’. Mr Elliott is an experienced safeguarding professional who has worked across the world in this area.

The bishops, having formerly accepted the recommendations laid out in the IICSA Report, that was published shortly before on 10 November 2020, have also accepted the final proposals and recommendations of the Elliott Report in order to shape the safeguarding provision in the Catholic Church.

To download and read the Elliot Report visit here

You can listen to comments by Ian Elliot below.