First Holy Communion

first communion

Holy Communion and Confession mark the second stage of initiation into the Christian faith. Our First Communion and First Confession Programme begin in the autumn, and an announcement will be made in the parish newsletter as to when the enrollment for the programme takes place.

We have very high numbers of candidates wishing to receive the sacraments and we, therefore, are required to apply the rules strictly. Parents will need to produce the child’s Baptism Certificate and attend the special Parents Evenings.

​Sacraments are usually received in the parish in which you reside. Permission is required from your own parish priest to receive them elsewhere. At St Joseph’s we would expect the family to be regularly attending our church for six months before applying for First Communion and First Confession for their child.

Please note that First Holy Communion and First Confession is not a school-based endeavor, but a sacrament of the Church. As such, the parish is the place where children of many school communities come together as part of the one family of the parish community.

Classes for First Holy Communion will begin on Thursday 20th January, 2022 at 6pm.

The first session will be held in the church and will be an introduction to the programme, including dates for future sessions, meet the Catechists and an introduction to the ‘I Belong’ book. Parents must attend this first session with their children. Classes will be a mixture of virtual and face-to-face, practical sessions. A link will be emailed to the parents for the virtual sessions. Please note, the communion children must be accompanied online by a parent/guardian.

Parents should download the FHC Programme posted below. If you need further information please contact the Parish Office.