Parish Groups

Bereavement Group
Priscilla Whynt

First Holy Communion: Bernie Jeeves
Confirmation: Carl Fernandes
Baptism and Non Catholic Schools: Sr Elizabeth
Childrens’ Liturgy: Cynthia De Leon
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA): Sr Elizabeth

Charismatic Prayer Group
Tess Lynch

Eucharistic Ministers and Readers (Rotas)
6.30pm Anne Turner
9.00am Hannah Sargent
12 noon Cynthia De Leon
7.30pm Ministers: Jils Mathew, Readers: Malery Falcao

Legion of Mary
Grace D’Souza

Ministry of Music
6:30pm (Vigil Mass) Veena Dias
9:00am Kathy Gallagher
12 noon Lilian Owen
7:30pm  Malery

Mothers’ Association
Pauline Rebello

Parish Magazine, Planned Giving and Gift Aid
Vic Gabriel

Parish Secretary
Anne Turner

Pastoral Centre
Bernard Peres 07732028958

Maria Mendonca, Joyce Dias

Justice and Peace
Doris Billing

Youth Groups
Young Adults leader: Ovid Pereira 07872621423
Junior Youth Group Facilitator: Charles Dias