About the Parish

wp-stercThe parish was canonically established in 1932 when it was known as Wembley Park and served an area which had rapidly developed with the two estates of Preston Park and Barn Hill.  Before then it had been part of St Joseph’s, Wembley.

The land on which the church is built had been part of South Forty Farm and was purchased by the Diocese in 1929 from G Cloke of Neasden.  Fr Andrew Arthur was appointed as the first Parish priest and celebrated the first parish Mass on 1 November 1932.

After some time it was apparent that a new church would be needed and the foundation stone laying ceremony  of the current church took place on 18 October 1969 at which Bishop Patrick Casey officiated.  The church was used for the first time in June 1970.  The church was consecrated by Cardinal Hume on 21 January 1979.