Having-baby-baptisedArranging the baptism of your child at St. Mary of the Angels is simple: just speak to the parish priest after one of the Sunday Masses.

If this is your first child, you will be expected to attend two sessions of preparation. These are primarily intended for the Catholic parent(s), but parents of other Churches, faiths or none are also welcome. Normally the parish priest will first pay you a visit at home to fill in a form and arrange the dates of the preparation and of the baptism itself.

If you have previously had a baby baptised and attended preparation sessions, you do not need to repeat them, and it will be simply a question of arranging the date and giving details of the child’s name, your own details and names of godparents.

We expect you to attend Mass regularly with your child(ren), as baptism includes a solemn promise to do your best to bring your child up as a Catholic. We realise this can often be difficult, but even though your children may not yet understand what is going in Mass, it is an absolute foundation for their spiritual life which cannot be replaced by anything else.

We are very tolerant of crying children during Mass at St. Mary of the Angels. If the crying is persistent or obviously disturbing to those around, you are recommended to take them to the entrance of the Church until they have calmed down.

Baptisms are normally performed every 3-4 weeks on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Because of high demand, we cannot normally perform individual baptisms. We do not take bookings for baptisms by phone or email, only in person by a parent after Sunday Mass.

We also welcome older children for baptism: depending on their age they may themselves need some preparation.

Godparents must be practising Catholics over the age of 16. The minimum requirement is one godparent, who can be of either sex. A Christian of another Church can act as a witness, which is similar to a godparent but not exactly the same. You can choose as many godparents as you wish, but we are unable to register more than three in the baptism register and on your child’s certificate.