First Holy Communion

We believe that parents speak to their child’s heart like no other and it is this bond of love that ensures that the gift of faith is past on – from heart-to-heart. 

At St Mary of the Angels, Sacramental preparation (First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion) is designed as a faith journey for children and parents to take together- with full and on-going support from the parish.  We recognize that God has given every parent the awesome privilege to introduce their child to Jesus and we are here to equip and walk alongside parents on their mission – to help their child to fall in love with Jesus for the long term. 

Given this privilege bestowed on parents, we help parents to look afresh at their own faith perhaps for the first time as an adult/parent:  

  • recognising their own need for God’s grace offered through the Sacraments;
  • modelling the centrality of the Eucharist (weekly Sunday Mass) for their children; and
  • intentionally choosing to build a family culture that strives to make Christ and Christ-like living integral to daily life.

The Methodology – In Brief

In addition to the clear expectation that Sunday Mass is a regular part of family life, our preparation includes:

  • Monthly one-hour in-person gatherings of parents and children to build parish community and offer opportunities for the parent and child to be co-learners together. The gatherings focus on contextualizing our preparation within God’s loving plan for our salvation (the kerygma), the liturgical year and the Mass.  
  • A monthly one-hour parents’ Zoom session helps them grow in their own faith so they may confidently speak about it in their homes. These sessions are based on SYCAMORE.
  • Home sessions that are guided by two Companion Guides for Parents (‘CGP’) to be used alongside The I Want to Make My Home in You Child’s book. The CGP booklets clearly lay out the theme of each session, offer insights to help deepen the parents’ own faith and provide detailed ‘talking points’ for each session. These sessions are estimated to last 20-30 minutes and can be undertaken at a time most suitable to the family.

    Parents are accompanied throughout the preparation with ongoing contact by the parish catechist via Whatsapp, ZOOM, email and in-person meetings. 

    Families are encouraged to purchase the Picture Bible to help children begin to grasp the story of God’s love and begin to speak about it at home.

    Being an integral part of parish life, Sacramental preparation and First Holy Communion celebrations take place during the regular Sunday Mass throughout the year.  Also, each week’s activities are highlighted in our newsletters.

    For further information:

    We are here to help you pass on the greatest gift you can give to your child:

     the opportunity to be united with Jesus now and for all eternity.