On the fiftieth day after Easter, the Church celebrates the feast of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with its seven gifts. If we are to pray for them, we should have some idea what do they relate to

Wisdom: This Gift enables us to be less concerned about the world and more concerned with God. It helps us to see the big picture, to give us a supernatural perspective

Understanding This Gift helps us to grasp more clearly what the truths of our faith really mean to us and out salvation. It gives us a glimpse of what is true.

Counsel: This Gift makes us aware of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It helps our conscience decide what good to do and what evil to avoid. It helps us choose to do the good.

Fortitude: This is the Gift of strength to seek God who is our goal and to reject everything that stands in the way of God or takes us away from him. Through this Gift we can be strong to stand up against ridicule or persecution from others.

Knowledge: This Gift gives us spiritual insight to know what God wants of us. It helps us to be sure when God is prompting or inspiring us.

Piety This gift is confidence and trust in God, like a child feels for a loving parent. Through this Gift we can serve our Heavenly Father with joy.

Fear of God: This Gift fills us with a solemn respect for God which means that we would want to make sure we never offend him: we would never hurt the one who loves us so completely.

As we celebrate Pentecost, we ask for these gifts to come to us and to those around us so that we may be better witnesses to the love of God and we may build up our community here in Bow.

Fr. Javier