The upkeep and administration costs associated with a parish of this size are understandably high.

Throughout the year we operate a large number of fundraising events:


All these activities are enormously enjoyable and generate much needed income for the parish.

Our most significant source of income HOWEVER is the offertory collection on Sundays.

We have two very important ways for parishioners to support St Joseph’s financially in addition to the basic placement of money on the collection plate.

Firstly Gift Aid: Please take a minute to register for this initiative. It takes only a moment, and costs you nothing HOWEVER it does allow your money to go further for our church-as we will receive an extra 25p from the tax office for every £1 donated.

 Secondly The Giving Machine: The Giving Machine enables us to raise money as a UK Charity. When ever you shop on line via The Giving Machine at  Amazon, Ebay, M&S, Next, Tesco, Sainsbury and John Lewis you will generate a free cash donation to St Joseph’s Parish with every single purchase. PLEASE JOIN our new Giving Community by visiting

To create an account you only require your name, e-mail address and a password for you to become a GIVER. It really is as simple as that. Please ensure you don’t miss this opportunity while you are shopping to use this amazing scheme to make a difference to the present and future members of the St Joseph’s Family here at Carpenders Park.