Welcome to the Parish of St Mary’s, Cadogan Street.

chelsea1-External_2Our parish is one of the oldest Roman Catholic parishes in Central London. Priests and people have met and offered Mass in various buildings around the parish since 1794. The church, rectory, almshouses and schools are only 4 minutes from Sloane Square and the underground station. Our area is filled with people both local and international. Many people have lived here all their lives but they are joined by a large number of people from other parts of Europe, the USA, the Philippines and people from South America and Africa. In fact the parish has a truly international feel about it.

Worship at St Mary’s is never dull! The Sunday masses are always offered with reverence but the style does vary. There is a relaxed 10am Mass where families squeeze in together with their buggies and children’s scooters followed by the parish coffee morning, the 11.30am Solemn Latin Mass with its chants and settings beautifully sung by our entirely volunteer Latin Choir and a Sung Mass filled primarily with young adults at 6.30pm. Add to this a reflective vigil Mass at 6.30pm on Saturday and you will realise that St Mary’s is truly a church for anyone and everyone.

Since 2007 the parish community has been working hard to renew itself and its buildings and this continues into 2018. It is bustling with life most days. The church is open each day from 8am till 6pm and is an oasis of prayer and quiet for everyone, not only catholic people.

A big “Welcome” to you if this is your first visit to our website. If you are seeking us out because you are thinking of moving to London then I hope that you will make yourself known so that the welcome can be more personal. St Mary’s welcomes you whether you come to us via the website, or the church door.

We will pray for you,

Fr Shaun

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