St Mary’s & St Michael’s Church Newsletter
Commercial Road, Contact 0207 790 5911
Priest in the Community: Fr. Willie Skehan, Fr. Aidan Sharrett
Parish Safeguarding Representative: Ana Cardoso (Contact 07766302792)
We seek to be a community witnessing to God’s inclusive love, welcoming and affirming all people of every race, age, gender, sexual orientation, place of national origin and economic status.

This Month we pray for the Parish of Limehouse

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

July 6th Sat 6:00pm Theresa Collins. Rip
July 7th Sun 9:00am Int of Michael Byrne. Sue Hodnett. Anniv
Sun 11:00am George Harrison. Anniv
July 8th Mon 9:30am Priests, Sisters & People of the Parish.
July 10th Tue 9:30am Those who live with illness.
July 11th Wed 9:30am Priests, Sisters & People of the Parish
July 12th Thu 9:30am (Convent) Celebrant  Intention.
July 13th Fri 9:30am Terry McCarthy. Rip
July 14th Sat 9:30am (Convent) Int of Sisters of Mercy.
15th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Sat 6:00pm Priests, Sisters & People of the Parish
July 15th Sun 9:00am Charlie Soeson. Anniv
Sun 11:00am Int of Linda Bright; Robbie Jituboh. Anniv

BANK STATEMENT at end of June 2019 has a total of £86,373.86. No Bills or debts to pay.
Our ‘Gift Aid’ Tax return which Parish received came to £3,236.14 for the past Tax Year.

Sunday Collections
Sunday Collection 9th June came to £910.85: Envelopes £556.50. Loose: £354.35.
Sunday Collection 16th June came to £617.39: Envelopes £325.90. Loose: £291.49.
Sunday Collection 23rd June came to £747.35: Envelopes £354.50. Loose £392.85.
Sunday Collection 30th June came to £702.47 : Envelopes £363.10. Loose £339.37.

Our Diocesan Assessment is now £1,171.93 a month. £500 each Month comes via ‘Standing Orders’

Collections for the Coming Year 2019
Our next Second Collection will be in October.
October 5th & 6th Cafod Harvest Collection.
November 9th & 10th Sick & Retired Priests of the Diocese.
December 25th Priests Collection.

CEMETARY MASS at St Patricks Monday 8th July at 11.30am. All welcome.
Parish BBQ on Saturday 14th September 2019
PILGRIMAGE to the Site of the Stepney Martyrs on Sunday 25th August after 10am Mass.

Chessington World of Adventure on Sunday 21st July      ONLY 15 places left
Coach departs after 9am Mass for journey to Chessington. Ticket for the coach is £5 per person which will be returned to you during the journey to the Park. Entrance to Chessington World of Adventure is your responsibility. I advise you book online, as on the day is more expensive.

Youth Summit organised by the Diocese of Westminster Youth Service on Friday 27th September 7pm to 9pm for the Young people of our Deanery. Prayer, Adoration and Personal Faith witness.

SUMMER MASS TIMES: From Sunday 28th July to 1st September Mass times will be Saturday 6pm & 10am on Sunday. (Just for 5 weeks of school holidays)

LOURDES MAY 2020     May half term 2020. Leaving Sunday afternoon by Coach, Dover – Calais. Spending night in Hotel in France. Arrive Lourdes on Monday evening. Full programme. Depart Lourdes on Friday for return trip. Details and price soon. Bookings to be confirmed by end of September with deposit. A medical person will travel with us and also volunteers who are great drivers of wheelchairs. Those with reduced mobility, fear not, wheelies in the grotto a must!!!!!!

Southwark & the City Sunday 7th July, 2pm. A walk along the river Thames, and over London Bridge to the birth place of Bl John Henry Newman near the Bank of England. Meet at Church of the Most Precious Blood, O’Meara Street, SE1 1TD. Nearest Tube: London Bridge or Borough.

Islington Tuesday 9th July, 6.30pm. Enjoy this corner of London, with its history, and links to Charles Dickens, and a forgotten Catholic heroine. Meet at St John the Divine Church, Duncan Terrace, Islington London N1 8AL. nearest Tube: Angel.   .

Poster found in a Church in France….(translated)
“When you enter this church it may be possible that you hear the call of God”.
However, it is unlikely that He will call you on your mobile.
Thank you for turning off your phones.
If you want to talk to God, enter, choose a quiet place and talk to Him.
If you want to see Him, send Him a text while driving.”

Don’t Just.
Don’t just learn, experience. Don’t just read, absorb. Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate. Don’t just promise, prove. Don’t just criticize, encourage.
Don’t just think, ponder. Don’t just take, give. Don’t just see, feel.
Don’t just dream, do. Don’t just hear, listen. Don’t just talk, act.
Don’t just tell, show. Don’t just exist, live.

Lowry the King has Horses Ears                                                                                                                                      A story of a King who always wore a hood, only when he was having his hair cut, would he remove it, and after the hair was cut the barber would be put to death. On one occasion the barber pleaded for his life, promising not to tell anyone. The King agreed. On the way home the barber was busting to tell, in the distance he saw a tree, standing next to it he whispered….”Lowry the King has horse ears, Lowry the king has horses ears”. Years later, the tree was cut down, and a musical instrument was created. The night of the first performance came and the King and all his court were present. When the instrument was played….no music……only the words, “Lowry the King has horses’ ears”

Thank You.
To all the people who make this Parish run. To our Readers, Altar Servers, Cleaners, Members of the Pastoral & Finance Committees, Tess the Sacristan, Betty our Financial Bookkeeper, Antony our Organist, You that I have left out, Parishioners, Ushers during Mass, Sam who uploads  information to our webpage, Sisters of Mercy. We need each other. Thank You for all you do. Have a safe & restful summer.