Recent Parish and Diocesan News

RECENT NEWS: 19 September, 2021

Sunday Mass Times: 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Father Jakub: Welcome, Father Jakub! Those who didn’t meet Father last week at the 11:00 Mass, will have that opportunity this Sunday at the 9:30 Mass.

Prayers for the Dead: We pray for all the recently deceased and those whose anniversaries occur around this time. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

Prayers for the Sick:  We pray for all our sick and housebound parishioners, especially Robin Hradsky, (recovering from surgery), Sharon McDonnell (undergoing tests) and Barbara Menzies (convalescing after a stay in hospital) and for Felicia Tawiah

Justice and Peace: On Monday 27th September, 7-8pm. there is a Zoom gathering of parish contacts for the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission. Sister Miriam is this contact at present, but would be happy if a parishioner would like to take on this role or share it with her. If you are interested, please contact Sister Miriam. You are welcome to join the meeting to find out more. Priorities for the Commission in 2021 are Responding to the Pandemic, Environmental Justice and Racial Justice.  We also support individuals and groups working on any of these, or related, issues: Homelessness, Refugees and Migrants, Human Rights, Beginning and End of Life, Poverty and Unemployment, Justice at Work, Fairtrade, Ethical Investment, Equality and Diversity, Israel-Palestine, the Arms Trade and Nuclear Weapons.   

Season of Creation: This continues until the Feast of St. Francis, 4 October. There are many resources available on line for this and for preparation for COP 26. (aka the 26th year that governments, NGOs, trade unions, businesses, and everyone else with any interest in climate change meets to review and negotiate global action, from1-12 November 2021). Try any of these websites for inspiration, prayer ideas and education:

First Holy Communion: If you have a child Year Three or older whom you would like to prepare for first Confession and First Communion this school year, please contact Sister Miriam. Details of the program and registration will be sent to you when they are available. In the meantime, the most important preparation is familiarity with Holy Mass. Therefore, you are encouraged to bring your child to Sunday Mass at 9:30 or 11:00,

Blessed Sacrament Church Hall: We have had several inquiries about hiring the church hall.

We do not know when the hall will be ready for hiring and we are not taking any bookings at this time. When we are ready to take booking again, we will announce it.

Help with First Communion Preparation: Are you interested in helping with the children’s preparation for First Holy Communion. If you are, please have a word with Sister Miriam or Father Seamus for more information. Training and assistance will be available for new catechists.

Coming Soon in the Local and Universal Church: From October we will be hearing more about the 2023 Synod (meeting together) of Bishops, titled “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Mission.” Why are we hearing about it so soon?  Because the Holy Father wants the experience of all the baptised to be part of the lead up to the Synod. The process for this “synod” will start in parishes, with the invitation to share our Spirt-led thoughts, insights, questions about how the Church moves into the new future opening before us. The process will move from parish to diocese to national bishops’ conference to European conference and then to Rome.

If you are interested in learning more before conversations in the parish begin, you can watch a presentation organised by CAFOD who tell us: “We convened an online conversation recently with Christopher Lamb, Rome Correspondent for The Tablet, to hear about why it is critical for all of us to participate in the synodal process in our parishes later this year: watch it here. It’s worth a watch if you want to learn about the Synod before conversations in our parishes commence. You can watch it any time by putting this in your web browser: “.  

If anyone wants to watch this together and discuss it, let Sister know and we can arrange something.


…..or do you know someone who wants to?

Then the RCIA (“Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults”) Course is for you! This is for both Blessed Sacrament and St John’s Parishes and takes place at St. John’s, Duncan Terrace.

The course is for those who are over 18 years of age:

  • who have not been baptised,
  • who have been baptised, but not in the Roman Catholic Church,
  • who were baptised in the Roman Catholic Church, but who have not been confirmed.

The next course will start on 4 October leading to baptism or reception into the Church and/or confirmation into the Church at the Easter Vigil on the evening of Saturday 16th April 2022.

Classes for the course will be held every Monday from 4 October, 2021 through to 6 June 2022. The classes start at 7.30 pm and last until about 9 pm.

A sheet giving information about the course and the full schedule are now available. For a copy of these documents, please contact the RCIA Co-Ordinator, David Lester, preferably by email at or on 07914 055438. He will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also contact Sister Miriam or one of the priests.

To Contact Father Seamus or Father Jakub: Telephone: 020 7226 3277      


To contact Sister Miriam: Telephone: 020 7837 8378        E-mail: