This page provides links to resources to help sustain our faith at a time when it is still not possible for everyone to come to the church for Mass.

Live Streaming of Mass

While access to liturgies in church remains restricted, you can participate in Masses that are streamed online.  For links to churches offering this service within the Archdiocese of Westminster, click on the Online Mass Schedule button on the left of this page.  For links to services elsewhere, use

Prayer in Isolation

Prayer can draw us together, even when we are physically separated from each other.  A resource that can be used by individuals to deepen that sense of solidarity in prayer is available here.  It includes the Spiritual Communion that we can offer while we are unable to share fully in the Sacraments.  You can read today’s Mass readings each day at

Pause for Faith

Fr Stephen Wang, who presents the Sycamore faith-exploration series, has been streaming videos covering a wide range of topics about our Catholic faith.  If you would like to take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the faith, you can access the videos on the Pause for Faith YouTube channel.

Virtual Children’s Liturgy.

CAFOD are offering a virtual children’s liturgy on Sunday morning.  Register to join at CAFOD Children’s Liturgy, where you will also find other resources that can be shared with children.


For more information, click on one of the buttons on the left of this page.  This information will be updated regularly.  For up-to-date news about the parish, click on one of the News buttons.

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