Newsletter 16th May 2021

Mass Times * News * Fr Cyril Chiaha Writes

Weekly Mass: 16th – 23rd May

Throughout the Pandemic all Masses will take place in the parish church of  St Richard of Chichester, Buntingford.

The obligation to attend Mass remains suspended. Please see the Coronavirus page for more details.

Saturday 15th May: Vigil of the 7th Sunday of Easter

  • 6.00pm: Buntingford

Sunday 16th May: 7th Sunday of Easter

  • 9.15am:  Buntingford
  • 11.00am: Buntingford

Tuesday 18th May: Easter Feria

  • 9.30am: Buntingford

Thursday 20th May: Easter Feria

  • 9.30am: Buntingford

Friday 21st May: Easter Feria

  • 9.30am: Buntingford
  • 10.00am: Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Saturday 22nd May: Vigil Mass of Pentecost

  • 6.00pm: Buntingford

Sunday 23rd May: Pentecost

  • 9.15am:  Buntingford
  • 11.00am: Buntingford

The readings for Mass can be found every day on the ‘Universalis’ website.

Some churches in our diocese stream Mass online, you may be able to watch one of these during this time.

A warm Welcome to you if today is your first time to attend Mass since the easing of the lock-down. Our church is planned in a COVID-safe manner. Thank you in anticipation for adhering to the safe measures in place – maintaining safe distancing and hygiene.

Work Vacancy: St Richard Reynolds Primary School are recruiting for a KS2 Primary School Teacher. Please visit their website for more information: Or contact for further details.

World Communications Day 2021 is celebrated this Sunday and the retiring collection is to support the work undertaken by the communication office both nationally and internationally: The theme for the 2021 World Day of Social Communications is “Come and See” (John 1:46). Chosen by Pope Francis, it echoes the words of the Apostle Philip, and recognises that authentic communication leads to “encountering people as and where they are”. On this day, may we keep all who work in Communications in promoting the Gospel through digital, social, print and broadcast media in our prayers. Thank you in anticipation.

Sacrament of Confession

  • In these exceptional times confession is by appointment and will be held at Buntingford.

Parish Office Hours

  • Please consider using the email or telephone for office matters. While we must all support each other in these times, we must also try and do our part in lessening the spread of the this disease.

Attending Mass during the pandemic – while the church remains open for public Mass during this time, please keep in mind that anyone who has any symptoms of the coronavirus is expected to stay at home and follow the government guideline. Doing so is for the good of all and speedier resolution. Also those who attend has to remain in the seat until the end of Mass.

Offertory Collection

  • Many Thanks to all those who have maintained regular parish offering through Standing Order, loose plate or cheque and to those who wrote a cheque covering the time we were in lockdown.
  • Setting Up A New Standing Order: If you are setting up a Standing Order or donating online for the first time, please note that a new Confirmation of Payee service has been rolled out for additional security reasons. 
  • Although no changes have been made to the name of our parish bank account, you would be required to use the full name of the parish account  set below when setting up a new payment instruction. In other words, the full meaning of the  abbreviation WRCDT has to be used.
Account name: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee Old Hall Green and Puckeridge Parish

Account name: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee Buntingford Parish

Account Number: 91270044

Account Number: 51308610

Sort Code 40-05-20 Sort Code 40-05-20

Fr Cyril Chiaha Writes:

The prayer of Jesus, which is given in today’s gospel, brings to light in many ways God’s sovereign purpose and our place in it. It seeks for a divine protection that comes through sanctification; that divine grace that separates one from the usual operating systems of the world; that enables God’s people to live according to, and reveal God’s commandments. It is a prayer that entrust our future to God, that recognises that the human ordering of life be it cultural, social, economic or political structure is often contrary and even opposed to that of the divine.

“Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us”, Jesus prayed. With this prayer for oneness, which is modelled on the unity of the Trinity, Jesus seeks for a unity of faith and of the Spirit that exists at the intersection of our love for God and our love for each other, that exist not in absolute power that is manifested in domination but one that is seen in absolute love and abandonment, in the laying down of one’s life for another.

Accordingly, our oneness is found in Christ, the pre-eminent image of a God-entrusted life. It is found in the One who taught the truth of God through His words and actions, who taught us how to live in love, truth and obedience to God’s Word. I hope that each of us continues to live like Christ whose way of life moves us towards God’s life. Have a blessed week!