Catholic Education

Do you support Catholic schools and the right of Catholics to send their children to them?

Then we need you to make your voice heard.

The Government is making a critical decision on whether to overturn the admissions cap which prevents Catholic schools from allowing all Catholic pupils to attend. They have acknowledged that this policy discriminates against Catholics and promised to abandon it; now we need you to tell them not to u-turn on their promise to Catholics.

Visit or search for ‘Catholic Education’ in your search engine to write to the Government and urge them to drop their policy which bans new Catholic schools.

You may also wish to write to Sir Oliver Heald RH MP, our local MP for North East Hertfordshire
Below is a sample letter.

Sir Oliver Heald RH MP
North East Hertfordshire
House of Commons
Dear Sir Oliver Health RH MP

As a Catholic, I firmly believe in the right to a Catholic education. I am also proud that our schools are historically diverse and inclusive to children of all faiths and none. However, I am alarmed to learn that there is a cap in place which prevents new Catholic schools from admitting some Catholic pupils on the basis of their faith.

At the election, the Government committed to removing the 50% admissions cap in their manifesto. In addition to this, your party have previously stated in the House of Commons that the cap was ineffective and acknowledged the impact this had on Catholics in particular.

I would ask you to consider your promise to the electorate and remove the 50% faith admissions cap allowing all Catholics who want to provide a Catholic education to be able to do so. In keeping your promise, you will also show the Catholic community that equality includes the right to practice a faith.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,