Our parish is your home in Staines.

Welcome to the website of the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary, Staines. Thank you so much for looking us up. Obviously, if you look around this website, you will find out lots of things about what goes on the parish. However, if you want to find out even more, join our regularly updated facebook group (it is updated far more than this website) or better still, come and join us at Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. There are all sorts of activities you can take part in, but the most important thing we want to say to you is ‘You are always welcome here’.

With all good wishes and prayers from the parish community of Our Lady of the Rosary and Fr. Philip, your parish priest.

Parish Online Links

The website tends to be ‘static’, so for regular updates and participation in parish life online, why not try the following links:

Join our facebook group for parish news and events.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for live-streamed Mass and other visual delights.

Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/CatholicStaines for other social media excitements.