COVID – updates

  • People displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and not travel to church or participate in person.
  • Hand sanitiser should be used on entering the Church.
  • Because of the need to keep good ventilation; and especially if the weather turns cold again, it is important to wrap up well in church!
  • Face masks, the guidance is, “to continue to wear one in crowded and indoor spaces where you may come into contact with people you do not normally meet.”
  • We are recommended to use face masks for communal singing in the church.
  • Confessions will continue to be heard in the Hall Office.
  • Most of the ribbons, etc., in the church have been removed from the benches. A sector of benches retains formal distancing for those who prefer it. The single chairs around the church remain. Please use good judgement in spreading out; there is plenty of space!
  • Prayers of the Faithful are reintroduced.
  • Sign of Peace. We are encouraged to make a gesture of peace to our immediate neighbours, but without any physical contact.
  • We shall continue the ordered manner to approach for Communion, as we have been doing. Please be patient and wait, be mindful of the others and keep a respectful distance.
  • The priest giving out Communion will resume saying “The Body of Christ” to each communicant.
  • The stewards will continue to have baskets at the end of Mass to collect the Offertory Collection. It is not possible to pass the Offertory bags from person to person.
  • In the light of present infection levels in children aged 0-9, we were advised not to open up the “crying room” in the Hall for children, just yet.
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Proclaim Evangelising Initiatives

The three Evangelising Initiatives for our parish are:

  • Adult Formation: Care and formation of our parish Catechists
  • Reach out to Teenagers
  • Caritas: Reach out to visit the elderly, sick and housebound in the parish

If you would like to be involved in any of these initiatives then please contact Fr Stefan.

More information can be seen at:

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