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Mary, Joseph (and the donkey) on their way to Bethlehem… would you welcome them?

It is good to think of Mary and Joseph on that journey, all those years ago. At the end of their journey Mary gave birth to Our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Each year we go on a journey during Advent, like the journey of Mary and Joseph, and we prepare for our celebration of Christ’s birth at Christmas.

Mary, Joseph and the donkey will be on their way around different homes in our parish. They will arrive back in the church in time for the Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve at 6.30pm.

How it works…

As hosts, you welcome Mary, Joseph and the donkey into your home. You place them somewhere you have prepared and say the prayer with those who have brought them. Perhaps you might share a drink and a bite to eat before they depart. You keep the figures overnight.

Bethlehem Journey Prayer

The next day you take the figures to the next hosts, at a time you have arranged with them. We will give you the name and contact details of the next participant.

It’s a lovely way to prepare for Christmas, for children and adults alike.

The deadline for booking your day is Sunday 10th December.

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