Giving and receiving help during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are increasingly finding our lives being limited as the full extent of procedures to combat the spread of the Corona Virus COVID 19 continue to be rolled out. On the one hand there have been a number of generous offers of help, on the other there are tasks in the parish that need to continue and there are members of our parish community who are needing our practical support during the journey that we are now called to take in the coming months.

We are trying to pair volunteers in our community with jobs that will need doing in and around the church, and tasks that need to be accomplished for the members of our local Community. The jobs in the church include cleaning, counting monies, repository orders, maintenance and gardening. In the community there are many in the vulnerable; category who may be self-isolating, and who need assistance with shopping, prescription collection, or just the commitment of a regular phone call for a chat.

If you are able to volunteer, or if you would appreciate some help or a regular contact, please provide your contact details by filling out this online form (or returning this hard copy to the parish) so that we can see if we can pair up needs and offers of help.

With prayers and many thanks,
Fr Stephen.