Weekly Newsletters

At St Gabriel’s our weekly newsletter is one of the tool we use keep members and supporters of our parish informed about upcoming events, news, and spiritual resources. Our newsletters are typically distributed via our parish WhatsApp group (which you can request to join), they are also posted on the church’s website, our social media platforms like Facebook and printed copies are also available at the back of our church.

The content of our parish’s weekly newsletter can vary depending on the needs and preferences of our parish, but it often includes:

Announcements: Information about upcoming church events, including Mass schedules, special services, educational programs, and community outreach activities.

Reflections and Devotions: Inspirational messages, reflections on scripture, prayers, and devotional content to help nurture the spiritual lives of our readers.

Community News: Updates on the happenings within the church community, such as milestones.

Volunteer Opportunities: Calls for volunteers to participate in various church ministries, committees, or service projects.

Prayer Requests: A section where members can submit prayer requests or share updates on prayer intentions for the community to support.

Pastoral Messages: Messages from the clergy or church leadership offering guidance, encouragement, and pastoral care to the congregation.

Overall, our parish weekly newsletter serves as a means of communication and connection within the faith community, helping to foster a sense of belonging, provide spiritual nourishment, and keep members informed and engaged in the life of the church.

To find our most updated newsletter please go to https://stgabes.uk/newsletter/

May 2024

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