About the Parish

baldockAfter a gap of over 300 years, the first Mass to be said in Baldock was celebrated in a large room off the yard of the George and Dragon Hotel on 9th February 1913.

Our first parish priest, Father Basil Barton, built the first church on land adjacent to the Boot public house in the High Street. There was no presbytery.

The second church was built on the same site in 1926 by Father Arthur Durein. The original church was converted into a presbytery by building a second storey on top of it. Although the second church itself was demolished in 1977 and new houses were built on the site, the original building (Number 69) still stands (and is currently  advertised for sale).

The third (and present) church was built in 1977 by Father Terence Wardle.  To save money, a working party of ;parishioners built the car park over many many weekends.

Leaks developed in the roof and a new roof was built by Father Robert Holmes-Walker in 1987