Newsletter 27th September 2020

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Weekly Mass: 27th September – 4th October

Throughout the pandemic all Masses will take place in the parish church of St Richard of Chichester, Buntingford due to capacity.

The obligation to attend Mass remains suspended. Please see the Coronavirus page for more details.

Saturday 26th September: Vigil Mass of the 26th Sunday in Ordinary time

  • 6.00pm: Buntingford

Sunday 27th September: 26th Sunday in Ordinary time

  • 9.15am:  Buntingford
  • 11.00am: Buntingford

Tuesday 29th September: Ss Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels

  • 9.30am:  Buntingford

Wednesday 30th September: St Jerome, Priest & Doctor

  • 9.30am:  Buntingford

Thursday 1st October: St Therese of the Child Jesus, Virgin & Doctor 

  • 9.30am:  Buntingford

Friday 2nd October: The Holy Guardian Angels

  • 9.30am:  Buntingford

Saturday 3rd October : Vigil Mass of the 27th Sunday in Ordinary time

  • 6.00pm: Buntingford

Sunday 4th October: 27th Sunday in Ordinary time

  • 9.15am:  Buntingford
  • 11.00am: Buntingford

The readings for Mass can be found every day on the ‘Universalis’ website.

Some churches in our diocese stream Mass online, you may be able to watch one of these during this time.

Sacrament of Confession

  • In these exceptional times confession is by appointment and will be held at Buntingford.

Parish Office Hours

  • Please consider using the email or telephone for office matters. While we must all support each other in these times, we must also try and do our part in lessening the spread of the this disease.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Open Evening is a virtual event this year. All the Open Evening recordings, videos, information, e-prospectus and notices are available on the school’s website

St Richard Reynolds Catholic College Twickenham are recruiting for an RE teacher with a specialism in KS4 / KS5 from Nov 2020 (maternity cover). Part time will be considered. Please contact for further details.

Today’s Second Collection is for the Holy Places of Palestine, the Christians in the Holy Land. The collection also goes towards the work undertaken in preserving and caring for the Sanctuaries in the Holy Land; the physical place where Jesus lived.

other Forthcoming Second Collections: Due to the lockdown we have not been able to support external charities who rely on our generosity for their long term survival. Now that we are slowly returning to a more regular attendance there will be opportunities to support charitable appeals in the weeks and months ahead. Considering the current situation there will be only these charitable appeals for the autumn on the following proposed days:

• 3/4th October is for the Holy See; ’Peter’s Pence’. This is one of the ways we offer support to the Holy Father in his work for the many different needs of the Universal Church.
• 7/8th November is for the Sick & Retired Priests: As always, this is our chance to say thank you to our sick and retired priests who are receiving support after years of dedicated service to God and their parishioners.


Offertory Collection

  • Many Thanks to all those who have maintained regular parish offering through Standing Order, loose plate or cheque and to those who wrote a cheque covering the time we were in lockdown.
  • Setting Up A New Standing Order: If you are setting up a Standing Order or donating online for the first time, please note that a new Confirmation of Payee service has been rolled out for additional security reasons. 
  • Although no changes have been made to the name of our parish bank account, you would be required to use the full name of the parish account  set below when setting up a new payment instruction. In other words, the full meaning of the  abbreviation WRCDT has to be used.


Account name: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee Old Hall Green and Puckeridge Parish

Account name: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee Buntingford Parish

Account Number: 91270044

Account Number: 51308610

Sort Code 40-05-20 Sort Code 40-05-20

We are still living through the pandemic; so the obligation to attend Mass remains suspended.
Please do not consider coming to church if you are self-isolating or shielding or have any of the symptoms of the coronavirus

Fr Cyril Chiaha Writes:

With the parable of the two sons, today’s gospel reading (Matthew 21:28-32) highlights the importance of doing the will of God from the heart. It informs us that believing and doing are inseparable; that saying the right things without actually doing what has been said from the heart are two different positions; that following up verbal obedience with actions is pivotal to being a true disciple.

Like the first son, may we always have the wisdom to give things a second thought as well as the courage to tread on the right path; to have a genuine obedience that follows a change of heart, as repentance is the key that unlocks God’s kingdom to all.

In a few days time, we will enter the month of October. As we enter this new month, the month dedicated to the Mother of our Saviour and in which the feast of the Holy Rosary is celebrated, hopefully, each of us would be able to seek for her intercession with the assurance that we have a Mother who helps us to advance in the pilgrimage of faith and in the following of Jesus.

Have a blessed week!