St Thomas of Canterbury primary school in Puckeridge serves the parishes of both Buntingford and Old Hall Green. St Edmunds’ college lies within Old Hall Green parish.

Catholic Schools Admissions If your child is starting a new Catholic School a Certificate of Catholic Practice (CCP) which has to be signed by the priest. As a result of a shortage of places in Catholic Schools, attendance at Mass only twice a month is no longer acceptable, neither is full attendance for only a short period of time. The onus is on parents to make themselves known to the priest, prior to these forms being completed. If you have a child, please introduce yourself to Fr Cyril.

School forms Please note that where a certificate of Catholic Practice is required, it is the responsibility of the parents to make themselves known to the priest and show themselves to be practising their faith in the Church over a sustained period of time.


Schools Near Buntingford Parish

St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, Nr Ware

Parish:Old Hall GreenDistance:2.5miVisit Website

St Edmund's College and Prep

Parish:Old Hall GreenDistance:2.8miVisit Website

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Royston

Parish:RoystonDistance:4.6miVisit Website

St John's Catholic Primary School, Baldock

Parish:BaldockDistance:4.6miVisit Website

St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School, Stevenage

Parish:Stevenage BedwellDistance:4.7miVisit Website