Easter 2022 – Mass Times

Maundy Thursday – 8pm – Mass of the last supper

Good Friday – 3pm – Liturgy of the passion

Good Friday – 7pm – Stations of the cross

Holy Saturday – 8pm – Vigil (Watching 8pm-10pm)

Easter Sunday – 830am & 1030am – Mass

Cardinal’s homily for Chrism Mass 2022

Today there is one image, one phrase of just two words, that I invite you to keep in mind:  faithful witness. In these two words are summed up the purpose of the incarnation and the vocation of each one of us.

Before Pilate Jesus said: ‘I was born for this. I came into the world for this: to bear witness to the truth’ (John 18:37). Indeed, at Bethany, he was anointed for this very purpose (John 12:1-8). He is the faithful witness, faithful to the end, the end which discloses the fullness of his testimony.

Synodal Pathway – Summary

In December 2021 St. Theodore’s held two “Listening Events” where people came and listened to each other, and discussed their experience of the Church – both at local level and in general.

They talked about their dreams for the future, and what the Church could look like, who it is helping, and who it should be doing more for.

Confirmation 2022

After severe disruption by Covid-19, we are pleased to announce that preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation will begin in February 2022.

The deadline for return of completed applications is Sunday 13 February.

Confirmation 2022

Please click the link to go to our Confirmation page for further details of how to register to receive the Sacrament, and for dates of sessions

Father Dominic Byrne

Following the announcement of the sad news on 6th December 2021 of the passing of Fr Dominic Arthur Byrne. Increasing health concerns necessitated admission to Kingston Hospital on 2nd December and he was Anointed the following day. 

Fr Dominic’s mortal remains were brought to St Theodore’s, Hampton-on-Thames on Sunday 19th December. There was a Mass held at 6.30pm celebrated by Bishop Nicholas Hudson.

On Monday 20th December Fr Dominic’s mortal remains will be brought to Westminster Cathedral before the Funeral Mass at 12.30pm with the Cardinal presiding and Fr Jimmy Garvey preaching. 

Please follow this link to read a full biography of Fr Dominic on the Diocese website

Holy Communion in 2022


Application for a child to receive their first Holy Communion in 2022 is now open. The child must have been born before 1 September 2014. If he or she was not baptised at St Theodore’s, please enclose their baptismal certificate with the form which you can download here.

Cardinal: Migrant deaths a ‘tragic summons to action’


Following the tragic death of 27 migrants who drowned near Calais as they attempted to cross the Channel on Wednesday 24th November, Cardinal Vincent said:

The terrible loss of so many lives in the Channel is a tragic summons to action. This event illustrates graphically both the ruthless evil of the traffickers and the desperation of those trying to escape poverty, conflict or persecution in search of a better life.

‘Every one is a child of God, with an innate dignity and worth. Focussed international cooperation, safe routes to sanctuary and joint efforts to tackle poverty are all needed in the face of a global flood of desperate humanity.’



Pope Francis – A Prayer for our Earth

Financial Giving at St Theodore’s

We are very grateful to parishioners for their generosity to the parish, especially in these recent uncertain and difficult times.

To find out more on the ways in which you can contribute to the parish, please see our guide by clinking the link below.

Financial giving

Mass Times, St Theodore’s, Hampton

Please do not attend Mass if you have any flu like symptoms

Please adhere to social distancing notifications and use the sanitising station

Mass times for 2021 are:

Monday 930am
Tuesday 930am
Wednesday 930am
Saturday 600pm
Sunday 0830 & 1030am

With the announcement on 4th January 2021 of a new lockdown for England to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Cardinal welcomed the decision to keep churches open for common worship. In a statement, he said:

‘The regular practice of our faith in God is a well-established source of both personal resilience and dedicated service of those in need. Such resilience and enduring service are vital in these difficult circumstances. 


If you are unable to attend in person then you can attend online masses by visiting:

www.rcdow.org.uk  or by typing “Diocese of Westminster” in a search engine.

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