St Justin Maria Russolillo

The Vocationist Co-operators is a group of lay people affiliated to the Vocationist Family which prays for vocations and deepen the spirituality of St Justin Maria Russolillo the founder of the Society of the Divine Vocations (SDV). The Co-operators meet on a monthly basis to offer their prayers and attend together Mass.

Everyone can participate and share in the work for the Divine Vocations:

  1. By offering a daily sacrifice;
  2. Praying every day to God to call men to serve Him in priesthood and for men and women to follow Him in Consecrated Life;
  3. By giving an offering, when needed, to help and support vocations in the UK and in poorer missions.

Our group was just established at the beginning of 2022 and it is made of 10 people filled with enthusiasm and keen in working to support vocations. The group is now running the Tea and Coffee on Sunday morning after Mass and on the First Sunday of the month they set up a Cake Sale to fundraise for the Vocationist Seminarians in the UK.

If you are interested in joining the group please approach Fr Luigi or Fr Ritche for further information; you can also approach one of the Committee Leaders:

  • Chair: Mr Edwin Viegas
  • Secretary: Mrs Salette Coutinho
  • Treasurer: Mrs Dee Fernando.