Association Propagation of the Faith (APF)

APF – founded in 1822 this is the Association Propagation of the Faith and is one of the Pontifical Mission Aid Societies. It is endorsed by His Holiness the Pope and is the Church’s official society for helping all the missions. Donations are distributed to two divisions. One is the Mill Hill Missionary Society, who train missionaries and the remainder goes to the Vatican, who then allocate funds to missions in need, worldwide. Each parish has a local director, usually the parish priest. The director is assisted by the local secretary, who is a parish volunteer and organises collections from the “little red boxes” that are distributed among the parishioners. If you would like a ‘red box’ to collect money for the APF or if you would like to volunteer to help – please call the parish office. For more information on the work of APF follow this link   Thank you.