First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

First Reconciliation & Holy Communion 2019
“At the Last Supper, on the night he was betrayed, our Saviour instituted the Eucharistic sacrifice of his Body and Blood. This he did in order to perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout the ages until he should come again, and so to entrust to his beloved Spouse, the Church, a memorial of his death and resurrection: a sacrament of love, a sign of unity, a bond of charity, a Paschal banquet ‘in which Christ is consumed, the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory is given to us.’ ” 135 CCC1323

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To register for the next preparation programme here at All Saints, children must be at least in school Year 3 and attending Mass in this parish regularly.

If your child does not attend a Catholic school, he/she should attend classes here at the church for religious instruction (the Pre-Communion programme) for one year prior to registering in the First Holy Communion programme.

In the present circumstances due to COVID 19 we are not yet in a position yet to start the registration and the Pre-Communion and First Holy Communion programmes as such.

Please keep an eye on the newsletter for further announcements.

For more information p lease contact our Catechetical Co-ordinator:
Mrs Pat Edwards: