Newsletter 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,
When we think of mission we tend to think about those who go to foreign lands to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. We think of missionaries as Priests, Religious or specially trained lay people, however we are all called, as Pope Francis says, “To be missionary disciples”. We do not need to go to foreign lands to discover those who do not know Christ, or even those who have known Christ but lost sight of him. We may not need to speak verbally of Christ but to simply reveal in the way we live our lives, the love of Christ. Our Gospel today speaks of one way in which we can proclaim that love and that is by forgiving others. Our second reading emphasises the fact that our lives have an influence on others, so if we live Christ-like lives then what a wonderful effect that will have on those around us.

The new guidelines from the Government do not effect the celebration of Mass as long as Covid Guidelines are followed, Masks worn, distance kept and track and trace forms used. Parishioners are encouraged not to congregate after Mass as “Rule of six” will apply.

With a few glitches and apologies for sound quality Mass Livestreamed from Poplar with a congregation went ahead on Monday. There is much work to be done to improve both sound and vision. Here at Limehouse I spent a happy hour or three installing an Ethernet Cable to the Organ Loft ready for the day when our equipment which is on order arrives and we can livestream from here. Our monthly Mass in Word and Sign will take place at Poplar at 4.30pm due to larger expected numbers and livestreamed. All are welcome

With Prayers and Blessings.

Fr. Keith.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION COURSE 2021. Applications Forms for First Holy Communion are available at the back of the church for any child who will be starting in Year 3 or above this September. These Forms WILL NOT be available from the School.

RCIA This is the course which introduces and prepares adults to ask for Baptism or reception into the Catholic Church. Nine young adults were Baptised and Confirmed in our Parish in July. Anyone wishing to know more about our Christian Faith is welcome to join the new group starting on Wednesday 30th September at 7.00pm in the Guild Room. Application Forms are available in the porch. 

NEIGHBOURS IN POPLAR Continues to seek your help in its work of bringing food, meals and some, albeit distanced, social contact to our elderly and vulnerable neighbours. We delivered our 6000th meal on Sunday, thanks to our brilliant Volunteers. If you are free for an hour any Wednesday or Sunday between 11:45am and 12:30pm, pop into St. Matthias Community Centre and we will give you an address to deliver a meal to. If you are aware of anyone who would welcome a meal, a food parcel or need further information let NIP know on: 020 7987 0257 or

COACH OUTING: The last of these outings took place yesterday (Saturday). Hopefully everyone had a good time.

LIVESTREAMED MASS from the church is on You Tube, search: SS Mary and Joseph Catholic Church Poplar, and click on the live video. Or enter the URL There may be some technical issues at first especially sound. Other livestreamed Masses can be found on Please also update parishioners on parish and diocesan news found on the parish and diocesan websites.

CHRISM MASS AND ORDINATIONS. Tomorrow, Monday 14th, at 11.30am in Westminster Cathedral in the presence of the Deans the Holy Oils of Chrism, Catechumens and of the Sick will be blessed by the Cardinal, for distribution to the parishes. This Mass usually takes place in Holy Week and all priests renews their promises. (no phone calls at that time tomorrow please!). On Saturday 19th at 10.30am The Cardinal will Ordain to the Priesthood Rev. Alexander Balzanella, Rev David Knight and Rev Axcel Soriano; and to the Diaconate: William Johnstone, Tim Mangatal and Marco Salvagnini. All are invited to follow these celebrations on and to pray especially for those being ordained.

FATHER MARK DUNGLINSON, who, since Ordination he has been Assistant Priest at Holy Trinity, Brook Green, will as of October 31st be moving to be Assistant at St Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green. We wish him well as he prepares to take up his new appointment.
SAFETY NOTICES Please read the safety notice displayed at the church entrances, sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the church and follow the “One way” system, practising social distancing of “two metres” at all times please! Families can sit together as can couples, just keep two metres from each “bubble”. Individuals should sit where the green “Please sit here” labels are. Face masks are now mandatory.

TEST AND TRACE PROGRAMME this Government programme has now, like wearing face masks, become mandatory. Forms are available for you to take home so that when you next attend Mass you can bring a filled out and dated form with you and drop it the Offertory Box as you enter the church, These will be shredded after 21 days. The system is there to keep us safe.

THE REPOSITORY Marie has First Communion Cards, Rosaries, Candles, Gifts etc. If she hasn’t got what you want please ask. Christmas Cards will be arriving soon

CERTIFICATE OF CATHOLIC PRACTISE All Catholic Schools in Westminster Diocese and Brentwood, be they Primary or Secondary, will be asking for a Certificate of Catholic Practise to be provided by their Parish Priest (or priest where they regularly attend Mass) certifying that both parent(s) and child attend Mass regularly as required by the church. If you meet these requirements and need a certificate, please email: with “CoCP” in the subject line with your child’s name, address, date of birth, and the Mass you normally attend. Forms will be available for collection after whichever Mass you attend.

OFFERTORY COLLECTION/OFFERTORY ENVELOPES Thank you to all who financially support the parish either by Direct Debit or Planned Giving Offertory Envelopes – a number of Envelope boxes await collection—which method also allows tax payers to gift aid their donation thus increasing the donation by .25p for every pound given at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you also for all “loose plate” donations. The Virgin Money button on our parish website provides yet another method of supporting the parish. As Fr. Keith does not have access to “OPAS” – Online Parish Accounting System – so cannot list the monthly amount in the normal chart. Planned Giving Amounts will not be truly reflective of weekly giving as “arrears” have been received as people return to Mass. Due to our revised counting system the weekly collection figure will always be a week behind.
ENVELOPES £ 30.00 £ 185.00
LOOSE £ 30.90 £ 311.00
TOTAL £ 60.00 £ 296.00

PRAYERS PLEASE FOR: Those of our parish who are sick: at home or in Hospital; Peace: in our troubled world; Our Country: Our Government, NHS and frontline workers fighting Covid-19; All Refugees; The People of Beirut; Our Parish Family: For all those who are self isolating and those who find themselves unemployed; Our Young People: Those preparing to start at University, and for all those awaiting the Sacraments; Our Diocese: Revs: Alexander Balzanella, David Knight and Axcel Soriano who will be ordained Priests and William Johnstone, Tim Mangatal and Marco Salvagnini who will be ordained Deacons on Saturday. Our Deanery: Millwall Parish; Those who have died recently: the family of Denny aged five who has died of Leukaemia and for Canon John Wright P.P. of Poplar and all whose anniversaries occur about this time.

A Spiritual Communion

During the difficult times that we are facing it may not always be possible to receive the Lord in Holy Communion. In these circumstances we can turn to a long held Catholic understanding that when conditions prevent us from receiving Holy Communion, it is possible to make an Act of Spiritual Communion.

Spiritual Communion is something that may not be familiar to some people. It was once defined by St Thomas Aquinas as “an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament and in lovingly embracing Him as if we had actually received Him.”

So Spiritual Communion is a source of grace that acknowledges our great desire to receive our Lord at a time or in circumstances when we cannot receive Him in sacramental Communion.

The most common reason for making an Act of Spiritual Communion is when a person cannot attend Mass. Acts of Spiritual Communion can help to strengthen us in times of trial and to remind us that whatever the circumstances we are held in the loving embrace of our beloved Lord.

Spiritual Communion Prayer

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present in the Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things
and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,
come spiritually into my soul
so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen.

Based on a prayer of St Alphonsus Liguori

Article published on St. Georges Cathedral, Southwark Diocese Website

Mass on Radio and a poster

For those not on the internet RTE Radio are broadcasting Mass on 252 long wave. Please share this verbally with those who may not have access to the web. You might also print of the schedule for them. I understand that the full quota of Holy Week ceremonies will be broadcast on RTE. More detail is available from

An initiative has been launched (one of many!) to invite Christians to put a poster in their windows as a sign of faith and trust in the Lord in these troubled times. It is attractive and obtainable at this link: Perhaps print a poster and show it in the street window of your home. It could well encourage those who are downhearted

Useful On Line Resources for this time of isolation

During this time of isolation, more than ever we are turning to modern technology to help us keep ourselves grounded in our Catholic faith.

If you Google: Universalis
You will find an app which is a combined Mass Book and Divine Office Book (the daily prayer of the church used by priests, religious and increasingly lay people alike.) There is a free 30 day trial and if you find this useful you can purchase the app for a one off subscription. It is certainly one of the most used apps on my iPad, especially when attending Mass in a foreign language!

Listed below are a number of links you may find useful.

Sycamore have generously offered Open Access to their resources for the next 6 months. Full details at this link:
Sycamore material will be particularly helpful with RCIA groups and Confirmation candidates

For family support, TenTen are also making freely available resources for families, called Prayers for Home, which include ‘Sunday Liturgy for Families’ and ‘Daily Prayers for Home’

Sunday Liturgy for Families

Daily Prayers for Home

Just a reminder, also of the CAFOD Children’s Liturgy session for this week. The link to register is:
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar