‘The sanctity and goodness of the forms of sacred music, from which its other characteristic spontaneously appears: universality… these qualities are to be found, to the highest degree, in Gregorian Chant.’
Music is central to the liturgical life of our parish. Our youth choir, the Schola Caeciliana help provide the music for the 10am Mass on Sundays and for major feast-days. Starting this Lent, we are setting aside one Sunday each month in which the music will be predominantly Gregorian chant, in accordance with the great insight of St Pius X quoted above. On All Souls’ Day (2nd November) each year, we also sing the setting of the Libera me which was written for the Sardinian Chapel by our most notable former Director of Music, Dr Thomas Arne.
For further information on music in the parish, please contact the Director of Music, Anthony Davie. email: