About the Parish

The parish of Abbots Langley forms part of the Watford Deanery of the Westminster Diocese. The church was founded in 1928 by the Society of the Divine Saviour (Salvatorians). The present church was built much later and was consecrated in 1963.

We are a lively, caring parish, and we extend a welcome to all people to join us for mass. Sometimes parents are anxious about the noise thier young children may create at mass and our message to them would be “please don’t be”. Children are children and we would rather them be with us for mass whatever mood they may be in. There is also a side chapel specifically for younger children which is soundproof but connected to the sound system, so if they want to play they can and parents can still follow the mass.


Abbots Langley is the birthplace of the only English pope, Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) hence the reason for place names, such as “Popes Road” “Adrian Road” and  “Breakspear Place” to name but a few. For many years Abbots Langley was also home to Breakspear College, where many aspiring Salvatorian priests received their formation.

We may be a small place but we have a wonderful history which continues today with more contemporary claims to fame, such as the home of Warner Bros. Studios, where all the “Harry Potter” movies where made, among many others.