Font01Children should be baptised within the first weeks after birth. For several years now we have invited parents to have their babies baptised either during the Mass they usually attend or as part of a group on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.

The sacrament of baptism intoduces us into a new relationship with God in Christ. We become his adopted children by virtue of the redemptive sacrifice of his own divine Son. We become members of the body of Christ; his Church. We share in Christ’s great gift to his Church; the Holy Spirit. Baptism is a celebration of entry into the Church with washing away of original sin and a new hope that we share in the promise of eternal life with God. Celebrating the sacrament as part of the parish community is therefore very desirable.

For four Sundays before the date of baptism there is a time of preparation for parents and God-parents to meet the priest who will baptise the children. They meet in the Bulbeck Room in the Parish Centre at 11.30 a.m. This encourages the parents to think of the meaning of baptism and why they are doing it for their child. It also offers an opportunity for them to talk to the clergy and to other parents. Parents may well wish to attend these meetings before their baby is born.

Please get in touch with the Parish Secretary in the first instance.

Please go to Catholic Life>RCIA for information about being baptised as an adult.