About the Parish

hampstead exteriorSt Mary’s Church was founded by the Abbé Jean Jacques Morel (1766-1852), a refugee from the French Revolution. Coming to Hampstead at the age of thirty, he ministered to French and English Catholics in the village for the next 56 years. This saintly priest established firm relations with the other Christian Ministers, decades ahead of the modern Ecumenical Movement. During the Second World War, another refugee from strife, General Charles de Gaulle, the future President of France, lived in Hampstead and worshipped in this church.

A more detailed history “St Mary’s Church Hampstead 1816- 2016” is available, in print, from the Parish Administrator (marystanier@rcdow.org.uk), priced £4.

You can also view the booklet online.

List of Priests who have served St Mary’s:

Canon Jean Jacques Morel 1796-1852
Fr. John Walsh 1796-1852
Monsignor Vincent Eyre 1859-1871
Canon Arthur Purcell 1871-1900
Fr. Michael Fitzgerald 1900-1907
Fr. Thomas Walsh 1907-1930
Fr. Francis Brown 1930-1941
Canon Joseph Geraerts 1941-1970
Fr. Francis Morrall 1970-1987
Canon Michael Brockie 1987-2001
Canon Daniel Cronin 2001-2006
Monsignor Phelim Rowland 2006–Present