Donate to our Parish

Thank you for visiting this page. With no Sunday Mass collections, your giving matters now more than ever.


There are various ways to contribute to the parish.


The easiest, [and cheapest way for the parish], for you to donate to, [ by regular Standing Order, if you can ] or pay the church, is to transfer the money on-line , direct to the parish bank account. Our bank details are as follows:

Bank Name and Branch   Account Name  Sort Code  Account Number 
HSBC –Hampstead High Street 


WRCDT    Hampstead  40-05-20  71094513 

For bank transfers from non UK bank accounts you may also need the following details :-

HBUKGB4107J    GB29HBUK40052071094513


If your surname appears in the name of your bank account, then when entering the reference to go with your donation/payment, there is no need to enter your name as well – as that will be sent across automatically by your bank. In those circumstances, just enter a short reference, that will explain the purpose of the transfer, eg “DONATE” ; “FHC” ; “EASTER” ; “CAFOD”. “REFURB” .

If your name does not appear in the name of your bank account, then as a reference please enter “YOUR SURNAME, FIRST INITIAL – REFERENCE”.

Thank You.

Tony Brophy

Parish Accountant, St Marys Hampstead

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If you are a taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation. The government will top up your gift by 25 percent, meaning a £20 offering becomes £25, at no cost to you.

The quickest and easiest way to do Gift Aid now is to send an email to with the following information:

– Your parish name

– Your title, first name and surname

– Your address and postcode

– The date of your gift, or start date of Standing Order

– The amount

– Please add the line: ‘Please Gift Aid my donations’


The Diocese Gift Aid office will add your declaration immediately, on behalf of your parish, and email you a confirmation.


If you would prefer, you can also donate by debit or credit card, using the form below.

Thank you very much for your donation. Everything that happens in our parish is only possible with your support.

We are now processing your details. Please wait...