Parish Hall

Hiring the Parish Hall 
The Hall can only be hired by registered Parishioners. Members of the parish are welcome to hire the Hall, depending on the needs of the Parish. The cost is £40 per hour.

For further information regarding booking, overrun charges and deposit please contact the Parish Office. The premises are  let out on the basis that they will not be used for any purpose which is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church or which could cause offence. At all times the Catholic nature of the premises is to be respected. Please note your statutory duty to report all accidents, near misses or any other incidents to the Parish. No electrical equipment that has not been recently PAT tested may be used in the premises. The Hall has a fully equipped kitchen and disabled toilet facilities. All areas are non-smoking.

To check availability and/or make a booking please contact the Parish Office – 020 8202 0560 or email  –

A Hire Hire Agreement form is available here: OLoD Hall Hire
Please read it carefully along with the Conditions of Hire: Conditions of Hire
Please complete this and return it to the Parish Office . No booking will be confirmed until the booking form and a deposit (£100) have been received at the Parish Office