Certificate of Catholic Practice / Mass Attendance Card


Mass attendance stickers were not distributed on Sunday 15/3/2020.

They will not be distributed in the forseeable future until further notice. 

These weeks will be omitted in our calculation of the 75% attendance for school admission


CERTIFICATE OF CATHOLIC PRACTICE:  The parish has a system of Mass Attendance Cards.  This is only applicable for parents who wish to send their children to a catholic primary or secondary school.  Places in our Roman Catholic schools are frequently oversubscribed. When this is the case one of the criteria used by schools to allocate a place is mass attendance, as evidenced by a Certificate of Catholic Practice (CCP). The CCP is a statement that a child comes from a practising family. This is defined as a family who attends mass on a weekly basis. In order for this to be ascertained, the diocese of Westminster requires evidence of at least two years of practice. Our Mass Attendance cards will enable this to be done fairly, especially when a priest moves parish.

A child may receive a place in a catholic school without a CCP but ordinarily only after those with a CCP have been admitted.

The cards will run initially from May to July, then yearly from September to July.


* Parents (accompanied by their child) to collect the attendance sticker after mass.

* Parents to collect the sticker so as not to associate mass attendance in the mind of the child with a tick box exercise.

* Stickers for parents with children in school Year 5 and under.

* Please ensure your card has a recent PHOTO of your child and their FULL NAME.

* Stickers will be given after Mass has ended.

* Stickers will not be issued in August

* It is your responsibility to look after the card and bring it every week.

Cards and stickers are now available. 

We are also looking for volunteers to help with distributing the stickers after Mass.  If you can spare 15 minutes, please contact Antonella via the Parish Office for more information.



*  Mass Attendance Cards are used to indicate the presence of children at Mass.

*  If you are new to the parish, you will need a letter from your previous Parish Priest in order to obtain a signed Certificate of Catholic Practice from this priest.

*  Parents looking for admission:  Visit the Local Council & Schools or their websites, once your application is ready, then contact the parish office to make an appointment to sign the Certificate of Catholic Practice (downloaded and printed from our parish website). Please make sure you have the Mass attendance card(s) or a letter from your previous Parish Priest before calling the parish office to make an appointment with the Parish Representative.

Certificate of Catholic Practice Form

Download the Certificate of Catholic Practice and print one copy for each Catholic School to which you are applying. Fill in your child’s details on each form. Bring these with you when you come to your appointment.