About the Parish

The Parish of Ware is situated in the Lea Valley Deanery. It was founded in 1870. The church was built in 1921 and consecrated in 1939.

Mission  – from Hertford – 1870 – see plaque in baptistery

Foundation of Parish – 1921

Building – 1939 – see foundation stone in sanctuary – how good is your latin?

Building work was held up because of dispute as to how close to the road the Church could be; and for many years the end of the church was covered in corrugated iron.  Eventually the church was finished in the early 1960s – can you spot the difference of the final part by the entrance?  Note the difference in windows.

The church was refurbished in 2003 – 4 and finally consecrated in 2004  – note the crosses on the walls which signify this.

The refurbishment was directed by Stephen Foster who also created the sculptures and panels.  Stephen lives in Ware and his works adorn many churches throughout the country. His works:

  • Altar
  • Statue of Our Lady
  • Wood Carved Panels of Last Supper and Jesus’ Baptism
  • Font
  • Lectern

Other notable features in the Church

  • Stained-glass window of Our Lady
  • Stained-glass window showing Life of Mary and Jesus
  • Stained-glass panels showing symbols of saints