Justice and Peace

Welcome to the Justice & Peace website pages of

Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Joseph, Ware

 Aim: To inform, engage and involve the Parish in Justice and Peace issues.

Objective: To bring before people of the Parish matters of concern because the Catholic Parish is a Justice and Peace Community.

Areas of concern: Family and Life issues e.g. Euthanasia, Abortion, Supporting families of prisoners; Justice and Freedom –  Christian Democracy, Prisoners of Conscience, Basic Human Rights around the world; Developing WorldFairtrade World,  CAFOD campaigns; Marginalised and Social Care Migrants, Refugees, Homelessness; Personal and Group Development – prayer, discussion, action.



September – December 2020


1st – World Day of Prayer for Creation –  https://seasonofcreation.org/https://www.ourcommonhome.co.uk/https://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Climate/Our-Common-Home


11th-17th – Prisons Week https://prisonsweek.org/ 

18th – World Mission Sundaytogether we can build a future of hope  www.missio.org.uk  Missio is the Catholic Church’s official charity for overseas mission.

18th – 25th – One World WeekThe World is changing what about us – a shared understanding of the global issues, recognising we can all make a difference www.oneworldweek.org


8th – Remembrance SundayReflections with Pax Christi – International Catholic Movement for Peace http://paxchristi.org.uk/

15th – World Day of the Poor  – “rediscover and celebrate in a spirit of joy our capacity for togetherness” Pope Francis http://www.csan.org.uk/worlddayofthepoor/

21st-29th European Waste Reduction Week  Reduce – Reuse – Recycle  http://www.ewwr.eu

In previous years the Justice and Peace Group has provided parishioners with a checklist, suggesting ways in which we can personally help to reduce waste. This year, the EWWR challenges us to get informed and raise awareness on the huge amount of ‘invisible’ waste that we all unconsciously generate. Did you know that to manufacture a smartphone weighing less than 200 grams and coming in a small package, an unbelievable 86 kilograms of waste are produced?

We can all take action to reduce invisible waste by extending the life of products through reuse and repair, buying second-hand, or renting and sharing products rather than owning them. Before we buy new items, we can consider what we really need and then try to buy products that will last longer and are intended to be in use for as long as possible.

25th – ‘Red Wednesday’ making a stand for faith and freedomAid to the Church in Need www.acnuk.org Today, consider going to Mass for a persecuted Catholic who can’t. Consider wearing red in solidarity.


5th-6th – Prisoners of Conscience send a Christmas card to a Prisoner of Conscience.  Card Signing in parish centre after Masses.  www.acatuk.org.uk  Action by Christians Against Torture