Welcome to our parish

Our postal address is The Presbytery, St Edmund’s Lane, 213 Nelson Road, Whitton, Middx TW2 7BB
You can contact us on 020 8894 9923. Our email address is or you can use the contact page on this website.

Our parish priest is : Fr Jonathan Stogdon

Our church is open every day from 7am until 7pm, whenever possible.

Alleluia! Easter 2024 AD

Normal Holy Mass Times

Mon – 7am & 9.15 am
Tues – 9.15 am
Wed – No Mass
Thurs – 9.15 am
Fri – 9.15 am, & 7pm (Latin Novus Ordo)
Sat – 10.30 am

– (Vigil) 5.30 pm

– 9.30 am (with ‘Children’s Liturgy’ – parents/guardians must accompany their own children)
– 11.30 am
– 6 pm

! Attention
Please be vigilant about scams.
We will only email you from our official email addresses: ( or

We will never ask you for money, vouchers or for your bank details via email.
If you have any doubt or concern, just ring the parish office and speak with Fr Jonathan directly.  
Please be cautious about scams, especially at this time of year.

Live Streaming of all Masses


Thank you for your support. We pray for all our benefactors (living and departed) at every Mass and Liturgy. May God reward your kindness.