Welcome to the webpages of the

Catholic Church of St Edmund of Canterbury, Whitton.

The parish of  St Edmund of Canterbury exists:

  1. To foster and nurture Gods love and our relationship with Him, individually and as a parish community
  2. To live as the family of God, in one united heart, showing our love through the reconciliation of our differences. Celebrating the diversity of our gifts and encouraging one another to respond to Gods will, therefore building His kingdom on earth.
  3. By the love that we show for one another we act as witnesses to Christ, extending God’s love to those around us so that others may come to know and experience the love of God through the risen Lord Jesus.
Our postal address is The Presbytery, St Edmund’s Lane, 213 Nelson Road, Whitton, Middx TW2 7BB.

You will find us if you turn right at Whitton BR Station, left at the Admiral Nelson Pub. The Presbytery is behind the church.

Whoever you are and from wherever you are, you will always find a warm welcome in our church. We invite you to come and share mass with us on Sundays and weekday mornings. Mass times are on the box on the right.

You can contact us on 020 8894 9923. Our email address is or you can use the contact page on this website.

We’re keen to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us!



SATURDAY 31st December –St Sylvester

                 6.30pm       Mass

                                                  12mdt       Mass in Presbytery


SUNDAY 1st January – The Motherhood of Mary

           9.30am         Mass

              11.15am      Mass

           6.00pm        Mass

Applications for School Nursery 2017/18


When you apply for admission to St Edmund’s School Nursery for the admission Year 2017/18 you will be asked to provide a ‘Certificate of Catholic Practice’ and I would like to have a brief meeting with the parent(s)/carer(s) of each applicant who worships at St Edmund’s .  I will, if appropriate, complete and stamp the ‘Certificate of Catholic Practice’ at that meeting. I have set aside the following dates and times for these meetings:

            Tuesday 21st February                       2.30pm – 4.00pm

            Wednesday 22nd February              4.00pm – 6.30pm

           Thursday 23rd February                   2.30pm – 4.00pm


Download Certificate of Catholic Practice

To book please phone the school office on 020 8894 7898.


Who is a Practising Catholic?

A person is considered a ‘Practising Catholic’ if they have received Catholic baptism (or have been canonically received into full communion with the Catholic Church) and strive to observe the Church’s precept of attending Mass on Sundays and holidays of obligation according to the circumstances of their life.





St. Edmund’s are offering the post of ORGANIST -initially for the first two Sundays every month- to play the required music for our 11.15 a.m. Sunday mass with choir. We would also require playing at some major festivals.

There is an SATB choir and the music at the mass consists of choral as well as congregational music and motets. Attendance is also needed at the Friday evening choir practice (8-9.30 p.m.)

Payment by negotiation according to qualifications and experience. Knowledge of the Roman Catholic rite is desirable but not essential.

In the long term we are looking for the right candidate to take overall responsibility for the choir and music at the principal mass.

Please reply to BOB KING, Choirmaster, c/o the church.