About the Parish

The Parish of Our Lady of the Visitation Greenford is situated in the Ealing Deanery (Archdioceses of Westminster) and is run by the Pallotine Fathers & Brothers .


We are a lively, caring parish, and we extend a welcome to all people to join us for Mass. Whether you have been a regular practicing Catholic or not in the past, we welcome you to worship with us on Sunday, and to let us know any ways you would like to contribute to our parish life, or in which we can be of help to you. Sometimes parents are anxious about the noise their young children may create at mass and our message to them would be “please don’t be”. Children are children and we would rather them be with us for Mass whatever mood they may be in. There is also a side chapel specifically for younger children which is soundproof but connected to the sound system, so if they want to play they can and parents can still follow the mass. Please introduce yourselves to one of the priests after Sunday Mass, or during the week, and may God bless you.

Our parish office is open Monday-Saturday from 9am to 4pm (and Sunday from 10am to 1:30pm) where you will receive a welcome you and an answer to any questions you have.

Pallottine Fathers (SAC)

Fr. Liam O’Donovan P.P.                    

Fr. Tom Daly,

Fr. Joe McLoughlin


Catechetical Co-ordinator: Maureen Gordon

Safeguarding Contact:  Jerry Wierzan


After a lapse of approximately 4 centuries the first Mass was celebrated in Greenford area in 1929. In that year the Kensington Community of the Congregation  ‘Filles de Marie’ opened a Mass centre in a little house on the Greenford road. During the same year they had a temporary chapel built nearby. The community prepared the way  for the coming of the Pallottine Father & Brothers (the Society of the Catholic Apostolate). In the same year the Pallottines were invited by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster to take charge of the parish… read more

The Church Building

The church is  dramatic parabolic arched church of the late 1950’s with an almost industrial aesthetic, whose power comes from its pre-cast reinforced concrete arches which support the clerestory. Its powerful interior is not to be missed – best seen from the West end gallery which should be open… read more