A Glance at the Catechism

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Man’s Capacity for God

Episode 3: Ways of Coming to Know God

Episode 4:The Knowledge of God according to the Church 

Episode 5: God Reveals His Plan of Loving Goodness

Episode 6: The Stages of Revelation

Episode 7: Christ Jesus – Mediator and Fullness of all Revelation

Episode 8:Apostolic Tradition & it’s Relationship to Sacred Scripture

Episode 9: The Interpretation of the Heritage of Faith

Episode 10: Christ – the Unique Word of Sacred Scripture

Episode 11: Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture

Episode 12: The Holy Spirit Interpreter of Scripture

Episode 13: Principles for Interpreting Scripture

Episode 14: The Canon of Scripture    

Episode 15: The Obedience of Faith

Episode 16: The Characteristics of Faith