St. Luke’s 200 Club

What is the 200 club?

The 200 club is a lottery which raises money for good causes. Half of the money raised in subscriptions is donated to charities. This year the 200 club is donating £1500 to Harrow Food Bank and £1500 to Firm Foundation – a local charity based in Harrow working with the homeless.

The charities are selected by the parish council and we are always open to suggestions.

How does it work?

At the start of the year you buy a number or numbers and each month eight numbers are chosen by random draw to receive a prize. There are 8 prizes each month ranging from £15 to £60. Once the draw for the month has been done, we send a cheque to each winner by post.

What does it cost to buy a number?

The cost for each number is £36 for a year which is just £3 a month! You can purchase multiple numbers for a greater chance of winning.

See below for the winners of the Christmas Prize draw!



New members always welcome!

How would I sign up for the 200 Club?

In the past the 200 club organisers have attended the weekend Masses and collected both details and subscriptions after Mass but at present this is not possible and so we are putting in place a new system.

To become a member, we will ask you to complete a form agreeing to join the 200 Club and pay your subscription. Once we receive the form we will send you your number/s,  then once you have paid your subscription we can include you in the monthly draw.

Click here to contact us about joining the 200 club 

Existing members

You will need to let us know that you wish to re-join for 2021. You can email us by clicking this link or drop off your payment at the presbytery (28 Love Lane, Pinner HA5 3EX)

When you pay your subscription for 2021 we ask that you pay in one of two ways:

By bank transfer

Account Name: St Luke’s 200 Club
Sort code: 40 36 21
Account number: 91027735
Reference: 200 club number (s) and surname (this is critical so we can tell who has paid!)

By cheque

Your cheque for payment can be sent to The Presbytery, 28 Love Lane, Pinner HA5 3EX.
Cheques need to be made out to St Luke’s 200 Club and you must include your name and your 200 Club number/s along with your cheque, so we can let you know we have received your payment.

When we have received your payment we will send you a membership card for 2021

Contact the 200 Club



If you wish to join or pay your subscription by standing order please drop an email to