The Baptism of Infants

Our community is delighted when parents wish to raise their children as a Christian, as members of the Roman Catholic church. We will do all we can to offer support to their children’s growth and development in the faith. But no-one and nothing can replace the role of a parent.

To help parents prepare for the baptism and the responsibilities which flow from it we provide a baptism preparation course. We will reflect on the responsibilities (and joys!) of being a father, a mother, a family on how a family can share faith together and help deepen its Christian identity (or in a family where members have different faiths or none, how the faith of the Christian members may be fostered while being respectful of the needs of other family members.  This is also a time for reflecting on the Baptism Rite itself, and how it expresses our faith, and the love of God for his children.

For more information please contact one of the priests after Mass for more information.