First Holy Communion

The sacrament of the Eucharist has been instituted by Christ, to be celebrated in memory of him. Through the Eucharist the Church re-presents his once and for all Sacrifice to the Father, and from the Eucharist the Church receives spiritual food and drink, Christ’s Body and Blood, that she might live strong in faith.

Those children baptised after the age of 6 or 7 and those baptised as Adults will generally receive Holy Communion for the first time during the Mass at which they are baptised and confirmed.

Those baptised as infants will normally receive their first Holy Communion when they are aged 7 or more, and after a time of special preparation. Eucharist is the third and final sacrament of initiation into the sacramental life of Church. However in recent years it is commonly celebrated before Confirmation in the case of those baptised as infants.

Our parish programme is open to all children but is designed for those who:

  • have been baptised in the Catholic Church
  • have been attending Sunday Mass in the parish church each week over the past year.

Please see Canon Kevin or Fr Alex after Mass for more information.