Parish Building and Maintenance

This is the abbreviated text of a letter distributed at masses on 17/18 August 2019

Dear Friends, members of the parish community, office workers and vistors, I want to bring you up to date on certain important matters regarding our church, and invite your response and support

The Shrine of Our Lady of Graces

For a number of years work has been going on to solve the serious problem of water ingression that  has damaged the walls of the Shrine. Advice has been received from the Diocese and from Tower Hamlets Authority and Historic England. The temporary external has allowed the wall to completely dry out, and now the repair is about to take place to the external wall. Then we can set about cleaning and restoring the beautiful interior of this sacred and historic Shrine.  The final cost of the wall repair is not expected to be high. i will of course let you know. Anyone who would like to donate towards the work to repair the Shrine can contact me or just leave an offering in the special box at the front of the church.  

CCTV to be installed

Our beautiful church is open and welcome to everyone. It is increasingly important as a place of peace, devotion and worship for the local parishioner as well as the visitor alike.  It is necessary today to keep the church open and to maintain a sense of safety and feeling of protection to all who come here to pray or just to visit. I have consulted with and received the approval of the parish finance and property committee to go ahead with this project, and the installation will begin next week. The cost of this work at £10,000. Any donations towards this existential and necessary work are much appreciated. Contact me, or check the next  newsletter, and in the parish website.

New Hymn Books

I have ordered new hymn books at the cost of £500

If you want to know more about any of the above, please speak to Father Alex, the parish priest, or send an email to:       

Gift Aid

Gift Aid: If you are new to the parish, and are a UK taxpayer, we would ask you to consider joining this very worthwhile scheme by contacting the parish co-ordinator, or speaking to Father Alex, the parish priest. If you are already registered, and want to make any changes to your GiftAid account here are the contact details of the parish co-ordinator: