Parish Survey

The Parish Council have now scrutinised and summarised the results of the Parish Survey, which took place in September 2019. The full text of the survey is on display on the noticeboard in the Church porch, and some printed copies are available to collect. Below is a summary of the main findings.

  1. Background There were 70 replies to the parish survey. The age range of replies was: 19% ( aged 21-30); 20% (aged 30-40); remaining respondents qwerty in the range 40-65, and only two teenagers submitted replies. 30% of replies said they came to the church as a result of family and friends, 23% from information online/ parish website, remainder from word of mouth or social media.
  2. Facilities and Resources There was a high (88%) level of satisfaction with the physical environment, supply of leaflets, hymn books etc. Liturgy/readers well received – see the separate section on music.  Concern expressed that the church was cold in the winter; and more attention should be given to noticeboard displays.
  3. Community, Events and Groups 18% of respondents were interested in joining a parish group, but only 20% were willing to organise/run a group or parish event.  Very positive comments on the Tea/coffee mornings after 11 am mass. Care has to be taken to ensure information on parish events is disseminated at all masses.
  4. Music Half of the parish community was satisfied or very satisfied with the music. However, 9% were very dissatisfied. The majority of comments pertained to the 11 am mass. There is significant support for a choir and the use of real musical instruments at this mass. In summary EM is seen as a caring church with a friendly congregation and welcoming priests. Things to work on are church heating, music,  all masses getting equal information, and low numbers of young people attending mass.

Building Work at the Parish Presbytery

The work on renovating the Parish Presbytery began on Monday 13th October, and will continue for several months. Whilst it is going on, there will be no access for parishioners via the Presbytery door at 30 Prescot St. Visitors wishing to speak to Fr Alex during office hours (9.30-2pm Tuesday–Friday) need to enter by the Main Door of the church.  Outside of these hours please contact Fr. Alex on 0207 488 4654 on 0207 702 0270 to make other arrangements.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid: If you are new to the parish, and are a UK taxpayer, we would ask you to consider joining this very worthwhile scheme by contacting the parish co-ordinator, or speaking to Father Alex, the parish priest. If you are already registered, and want to make any changes to your GiftAid account here are the contact details of the parish co-ordinator: