confirmationThe Sacrament of Confirmation can be an exciting time for young parishioners.

For the most part, it was parents who chose to have their children baptised but now it is the young people themselves, who freely choose to be confirmed. There is a desire to continue what has begun at their baptism.

They want to experience again the presence and power of the Spirit of the Living God and want to continue to be committed to the Christian way of life. So, when our young parishioners are 14 years or over they apply to the Parish Priest requesting to be included in the Confirmation Programme.

A group of Leaders/Catechists, together with the priest, prepare them for this great Sacrament.

The eleven sessions and celebrations take place between September to May and culminate in the descent of the Holy Spirit during the laying on of hands in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Experience has shown that the Confirmation Programme helps our young people to mature spiritually and has a bonding effect on all who participate.