Eucharist – First Holy Communion

communionIn our Catholic tradition the Mass is at the Centre of our spiritual lives. At Mass we are nourished by the Word of God and by the Body and Blood of Christ whom we can receive in Holy Communion.

Because of its importance, many months are set aside for the preparation of children for First Holy Communion.

In September of each year, children from Year 3 at school, begin their journey of preparation with a team of Leaders/Catechists. They meet in small groups on specified Saturday mornings using the “Gold Book”.

Part of each session is the First Communion Mass the next day for children and their parents. Our parish priest is very involved in the whole programme and links up all sessions with the Mass.

Children who are attending non-Catholic Schools can also attend classes, but are expected to have attended special preparatory classes on Saturday mornings, for at least one year prior to starting First Communion classes.

This foundation course is vital, so that the child will have an understanding of the background knowledge of the Christian faith. These preparatory classes take place from 10am to 11noon every Saturday except during school holidays, including half-term but please confirm these timings with the Parish Office.